We love art and soul!  My three girls have been attending since the doors opened. The atmosphere at art and soul is one of  love and goldy Charachter. They have achieved modesty and innocence and the art of dance .

     As a mom of four young children, I began the search for extracurricular activities that would artistically stimulate my children. After experiencing a variety of programs, I wished I could combine the good aspects from each and also provide an environment that nurtured the truth that God was the author of all forms of art. My sweet husband finally encouraged me to open Art & Soul in 2008, where we explore art as a form of praise.

     At Art and Soul, we are not bound by the limited world of secular music, immodest dress, or perfectionism. We choose to explore wholesome, intelligent, and uplifting music. We offer a variety of art, dance, and music classes lead by caring staff members that encourage each child to reach their fullest potential. Our facility honors family time as it allows parents to make only one stop for their child's artistic development.

     Art and Soul is not just a fine arts facility, it is family.


          Shelley Arrington, Owner