April 3, 2020
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General Information

This page contains ART & SOUL POLICIES & PROCEDURES, which are provided to help you with any general questions you may have concerning our operations at the studio:


• A Student release form, Emergency contacts and photo release is to be completed by all Parent/Guardian and/or student.


• A one time non-refundable registration fee of $35 for one student is due up front for all new students. An additional student per family may be registered for a fee of $30..


• Tuition is always due at the beginning of each month*.

• Pricing:
one student or family $50/month* for 1 class/week

$70/month for 2 classes/week
$95/month for 3 classes/week
$105/month for 4 classes/week
$120/month for 5 classes/week
$140/month for 6 classes/week

7 or more classes/week is an additional $15/ month
• (Please note pricing differentiates for Music classes, please ask front desk for price list)

• There will be a $15 Service fee if a check is returned.
• If signing up after the 1st class of the month, classes will be prorated at a rate of $12.50 per class.

• Tuition paid in full for a semester, will receive a 5% discount, if payment is received by the 7th day of the first month for the semester.

• Payments are to be made at the front desk.
If you need to make a payment when the receptionist is unavailable, please place your payment in the tuition drop box labeled with the date, student & parent name.

• Teachers are not responsible for accepting payments.


• $25 per ½ hour Lesson.


• If a parent or student is not satisfied with a class, they may choose to withdraw from the class only after attending the first class. A full credit of the class will be issued for use of another class. Refunds will not be issued.

• In the case of a withdrawal, a class drop/withdrawal form should be completed and signed by both the parent and accounting manager within 10 days of attending the first class.

• Notifying a teacher does not qualify as a withdrawal.

• There will be no refunds for registration, recital, costume or art supplies. However this does not apply to retail sold in Art & Soul, etc. See retail policy.


• All students are to be dressed appropriately. However, if they are attending a dance class, parents/students should refer to the appropriate class dress code or speak with the specific instructor.

• Dance Attire:

- Please do not wear your dance shoes outside of the studio
- Ballet: leotard(black or pink preferred), tights and leather ballet shoes (pink)
- Tap: leotard, tights, shorts(if desired) and tap shoes(black)
- Jazz: leotard, tights, shorts(if desired) and jazz shoes(black or tan)
- Hip Hop: anything can be worn as long as it won’t restrict movement. Tennis shoes(shoes specifically for dance that WILL NOT be worn outside for other activities).
- Lyrical: same as ballet, however skirts may be worn over leotard

• Fitness Attire:
- Yoga
- Total Body Fitness

• Please remember the number one rule at the studio is modesty!


• Please see the bulletin board for Art & Soul’s Studio Calendar. Note we no longer reflect MISD’s school Calendar.
• Due to inclement weather, we may cancel class. Please tune into the local news or radio for MISD or call Art & Soul. These decisions are made for the safety or our students and teachers.
• If cancelled classes were to occur, a make-up due to cancellations will be posted on the bulletin board at no additional cost. No refunds will be allowed.
• If more than 4 classes are missed during the spring semester for dance, students may not be allowed to participate in the Spring Recital, unless authorized by the instructor. No refunds will be allowed.
• All students are expected to arrive on time to class and attend each week.
• There are no credits or refunds given for missed classes,
if a student is unable to attend for any given reason. If an instructor should fail to make a class, then a credit for that specific session is made available, if and when a make up class is not possible.
• There are no credits or refunds given for classes that fall on days that are nationally recognized holidays.


• If the regular scheduled teacher is ill or unable to teach class, another instructor at Art & Soul will fill the class, or the class will be cancelled. In the case that the teacher is ill and Art & Soul cannot arrange a substitute, missed classes will be made up. A make-up date will be posted on the bulletin board at no additional cost. No refunds will be allowed.


• Students must arrive no sooner than 30 minutes prior to class time, unless special arrangements have been made. Art & Soul is not responsible for caring for students who are dropped off early or not picked up in a timely manner. Parents should be considerate.
• For drop off and pick up of students under 16 years of age, parents should park and walk their child to and from the studio, as Art & Soul accepts no responsibility or liability for students outside the building.
• Teachers should watch to make sure each student leaving their class is picked up by a parent/guardian, but again parents should be considerate, so that teachers may begin their classes as scheduled.
• Teachers should be informed before class, if a child is to be picked up early, if their ride will be late or if someone other than the parent/guardian will be picking up their child(ren).
• Parents should not ask their child(ren) to wait outside for them.
• Important Safety Information: It is a safety hazard to stop at the curb in front of the studio in order to drop off children. For the safety of a child(ren), parents/guardians should ensure that they do not leave the parking lot until they have seen their child(ren) enter the front door of the studio.


• A First Aid Kit is provided at the front desk
for any minor injures.
• Parent/Guardians or Emergency contact will be contacted,
upon any major injuries.


• No gum, food or drinks (with the exception of water) are allowed past the waiting area. Unless special arrangements have been made with the studio.
• All cell phones should be turned off during class and left outside classes.
• We promote families, friends and siblings wishing to wait or watch during classes to please do so. However, please do not enter or interrupt classes while going on.
• We ask that all students please be on time to class, so as not to distract the other students already at work.
• All students are expected to respect their teachers and other students at all times.
• Discipline: After three verbal warnings, the student will be dismissed from class. We reserve the right to send a student out of class and even home if we must continually remind a student of this policy.
• Any rude or aggressive behavior from student or parents
will not be tolerated.
• All students are encouraged to try their best and work as hard as they can while in the studio. Personal integrity and hard work are what makes the studio fun and challenging.
• It is recommended that no valuables be stored or left in the dressing room or studio during classes. Art & Soul will not be responsible for any items lost or stolen from the premises.
• A Lost and Found is available for items left.
• To maintain a healthy and sanitary environment, please encourage students not to leave dirty dance attire in the dressing room or throughout the studio.


• It is the responsibility of the parent or student to be aware of all dates and events. Such as: Recitals, Make-up classes, Holidays and special days. Art & Soul will post such events at least 1 month prior to events on the bulletin board across from the front desk as well as by mail or email if provided.
• It’s the parent/students responsibility to frequently check the bulletin board to ensure they are informed of all events and dates.
• It is also the parent/students responsibility to inform
Art & Soul of any change in contact information. There is also a form for change of contact information at the reception desk.


• If Parents have any questions or concerns, they should call management or leave a note in the tuition box. Office hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm and Friday 10am to 5pm.
• If a student or parent is having a conflict with a teacher or another student, please contact the studio manager or owner.
• Art & Soul will always take into consideration parent/students concerns or questions, but it may not always be in Art & Soul’s best interest to change.


Please speak with representative at point of purchase.


Art - $20 each semester per student (5-7 yrs & 8-10yrs)
A list of required supplies for each individual class is provided for all art classes, ages 12 and up. Students are responsible for the purchase of all supplies listed.

Faithbooking/Needleworks –
$20 each semester per student (all ages)


15% Pastors
5% Semester paid in full

*In general, our classes are based on a monthly rate. Some months may have 5 weeks, most have 4. In some cases a holiday may eliminate a class from the schedule. Art & Soul does not make concessions to tuition due based on calendar variances.


4410 N. MIDKIFF, suite D8-C
studio: 432.699.0251
fax: 432.699.0277
[email protected]

Art & Soul does not offer gymnastics at our facility, but would like to strongly recommend the following sports center for youth gymnastics based on similar vision, location, and general philosophy:


Sports Training

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